Kolonia mrówek Tapinoma melanocephalum

Tapinoma melanocephalum

These ants are called ghost ants because of their transparent abdomen in combination with the black torso

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    Name: Tapinoma melanocephalum

    Difficulty level: Medium / Advanced

    Sizes: 1.3-2mm (worker), 2.5mm (queen)

    Humidity: Approx. 70%

    Temperature: 22-28 ° C

    Diet: Protein food (e.g. mealworm) + Carbohydrates (e.g. diluted honey)

    Tapinoma melanocephalum ants are a very interesting species because of their transparent abdomen, thanks to which we can "color" our colony, e.g. by giving them food-colored honey. They form great colonies, and in Asia, where they come from, often found in homes (due to their small size)

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