Lasius niger

Lasius niger is the most common Polish ant, it is very easy to breed, therefore it is suitable for beginners

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Name: Lasius niger

Difficulty level: Easy

Sizes: 3.5-5mm (worker), 8-9mm (queen)

Humidity: Approx. 50%

Temperature: 20-28 ° C

Diet: Protein food (e.g. mealworm) + Carbohydrates (e.g. diluted honey)

The Lasius niger ant is the most common Polish ant, its medium-sized workers with a matt black body are very hard-working, due to their average size they move in groups so that when locating a potential object that they take with them to the nest they will not have a problem with its transport. reach medium sizes, about 10,000 workers. This ant is also one of the easiest to grow.

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