Chthonolasius are orange ants (Queen of brown color) who in nature lead a secret underground life

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    Name: Chthonolasius

    Difficulty level: Medium

    Sizes: 4-5mm (worker), 6-7mm (queen)

    Humidity: Approx. 50%

    Temperature: 20-28 ° C

    Diet: Protein food (e.g. mealworm) + Carbohydrates (e.g. diluted honey)

    The queens of this species are so-called with parasites, after the swarm (mating flight), the queen flies to the ground where she looks for the Lasius niger colony (most often), waits at the exit and as soon as the opportunity arises, she kills one of the outgoing workers and then uses her as a shield entering the nest (after contact with Chthonolasius workers smell the smell of their sister), then moves to the chamber with pupae and takes the smell of the colony, when she feels sufficiently confidently kills the current queen and takes over her role. Chthonolasius robots are very nicely colored, they are orange with a slight admixture of brown.

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